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FX Pedals

ThisHeavyEarth Fleshrot v2.1.5 Distortion Pedal

At it's core was the Ampeg VH140c but don't be fooled, I couldn't help myself but to make a few [more] tweaks to better fit my taste. I have sat on this version for over a year when I started my amp and it’s what FleshRot should have always been. I found the circuit to be a bit darker than I prefer so first up was adjustments to the filtering. While I was in there tuning it, I have adjusted the tapers on the knobs as well to allow for more ease in dialing in your tone. I found the original amp to be a bit touchy on some the controls.

This is the one for you if you're looking for heavy death metal brutality to put in front of your amp or use as a preamp into your interface or power amp.


2023.05.30 Update: Some users have reported a high gain oscillation when the Gain is cranked with passive pickups. I had one guitar that was able to replicate this and it this has been eliminated in any build after this date. PCB Version 2.1.5


Gain External Controls the amount of distortion. There is alot of it.
Level External Controls the output volume.
Tight External Tighten up that flub in your low end without thinning it out.
Full CCW for v1.
Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Mid External Adjust the amount of the mid scoop.
Shift External Adjust the center frequency of the mid scoop.
Noonish for v1.
High External Cut/boost the high frequencies.
Pres[ence] External Unbox that top end in higher frequencies.
Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
Default setting at minimum (full CCW).



This product contains internal circuitry to increase the 9VDC supply to higher voltages for additional headroom.
This product contains THE overvoltage circuit for 9v input only.





Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.