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FX Pedals

Mackie MDB-1P 1-Channel Passive Direct Box

Affordable Mackie MDB direct boxes are acoustically transparent and ruggedly built to ensure that your instruments and audio sources arrive at your listeners clean, uncolored, and as expected. Premium passive analog circuitry gives the Mackie MDB-1P a musical, linear response. A -15dB pad protects the input from high-level sources such as active pickups and mobile devices, while a Ground Lift switch eliminates grounding loop issues you may encounter in the wild

Mackie MDB-1P Passive Direct Box Features:

  • Clean, uncolored, and acoustically transparent
  • Proven “Built-like-a-Tank” construction
  • Premium passive analog circuitry
  • Requires no batteries or external power
  • -15dB pad protects your input from high-level sound sources
  • Ground Lift switch eliminates grounding loop hum
  • Thru output passes signals along uncolored to an amp (great for bass players) or other source