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Morley 20/20 Classic Wah Pedal

Armed with Morley’s acclaimed MQ2 inductor, the 20/20 Classic Wah delivers classic wah-wah tone with a wide, smooth sweep that sounds good in a broad range of applications. What’s more, it avoids scratchy pots, thanks to Morley's famous electro-optical design. Operating the 20/20 Classic Wah is child’s play, thanks to its switch-less design — just step on the treadle to engage and off to bypass.  This pedal’s rugged cold-rolled steel housing is built to withstand heavy (ab)use, and its LED indicator and quick-clip battery door are infinitely useful. Beyond that, its True Tone Bypass buffer ensures zero tone loss. Best of all, the Morley 20/20 Classic Wah gives you this pro-level performance at an entry-level price!

Morley 20/20 Classic Wah Features:

  • MQ2 inductor yields a wide, smooth sweep that sounds good in a broad range of applications
  • Electro-optical design avoids scratchy pots
  • Switch-less operation — step on the treadle to engage and step off to bypass
  • Small size saves space on your pedalboard
  • True Tone Bypass buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone
  • Features a rugged cold-rolled steel housing, LED indicator, and quick-clip battery door
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or optional 9-volt adapter (compatible with most 9-volt adapters)
  • Eye-catching glow-in-the-dark treadle rubber and Morley logo