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Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Pedal V2

Like many beloved tube amps of yesteryear, Strymon's Flint combines two essential tools into a single high-performing pedal: reverb and tremolo. The V2 version retains all the character of the original with some welcome quality-of-life upgrades under the hood in the form of full MIDI implementation, a JFET input circuit, and a powerful ARM DSP chip. Each effect comes with three unique modes to explore — the tremolo consists of '61 Harmonic Tremolo, '63 Power Tube Tremolo, and '65 Photocell Tremolo options along with period-accurate '60s, '70s, and '80s reverb modes right next door. Both effects can be used on their own or in series to cover a wide range of creative ground. For that vintage amp vibe optimized for today's setups, the Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb pedal is a no-brainer.

Three reverbs and trems modeled after Strymon's favorite amp circuits

It's no surprise that the developers at Strymon are classic tone lovers themselves. The Flint's reverbs offer a broad sampling of some of the manufacturer's favorite sounds, including an instantly recognizable '60s tube amp combo dual-spring tank; a '70s electronic plate reverb with plenty of shimmer and clean tails; and an '80s digital rack reverb for complex, modulating reverberations. The Flint's three tremolos are modeled after a trio of '60s-era amp circuits: a rare mellow and pulsing harmonic tremolo, a sparkling and gritty power tube tremolo, and, lastly, a hard-edged photocell tremolo.

Under-the-hood improvements provide unparalleled performance

While the sonic improvements are easily uncovered, further inspection of the Flint V2 reveals several changes to its core for an even more premium playing experience. To start, Strymon loaded the Flint with a top-quality JFET input circuit. The result? Enhanced responsiveness, dynamics, and feel tailor-made for gigging performers and touring pros. Swapping between mono and stereo modes is as easy as flicking a rear-panel switch, with the option to now control the Flint via an expression pedal or MultiSwitch Plus. Perhaps best of all, a new ARM DSP chip significantly increases processing power while decreasing energy consumption for a clearer and more accurate tone.

Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Pedal V2 Features:

  • Tube-amp-like tremolo and reverb packed into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure
  • Reverb and trem can be used independently or in series (re-orderable)
  • Dedicated controls on both sides for instant tweaking
  • "Hidden" secondary control layout for advanced users
  • Take control of any parameter via any standard expression pedal
  • Connect a footswitch to instantly recall your favorite preset
  • JFET input circuit enhances responsiveness, dynamics, and feel
  • Swap from mono to stereo and back via the rear-panel switch
  • ARM DSP chip significantly increases processing power
  • Durable aluminum chassis