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Ibanez Tremolo Mini Pedal

The Ibanez Tremolo Mini packs a neptune cocktail of lush, quivering waves into a compact, pedalboard-ready stompbox. Enjoy classic tremolo effects, with dedicated Wave, Depth, and Speed controls for precise effect tailoring. You also get a Level trim pot to ensure proper gain staging for your rig. Built with 100% analog circuitry, the Tremolo Mini boasts true-bypass switching to safeguard against tonal coloration. If you’re searching for a great-sounding tremolo effect for your crammed-to-the-gills pedalboard, the Japanese-built Ibanez Tremolo Mini is a logical choice.

Ibanez Tremolo Mini Features:

  • Tremolo guitar effect in a compact, pedalboard-friendly stompbox
  • Wave control alters the waveform LFO of the tremolo effect
  • Depth control determines the strength of the effect
  • Speed control ranges from subtle quivering to all-out manic pulsating
  • Level trim pot ensures proper gain staging for your rig
  • 100% analog circuitry with zero digital conversion
  • True-bypass switching safeguards against tonal coloration