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DOD Meatbox Sub Synth Pedal

The original ’90s Meatbox was a short-lived and misunderstood stomp box widely known for its incredible speaker-bursting synth-bass sound and an array of controls that some found confusing. Thankfully, DOD has reissued this true-bypass Meatbox Subharmonic Synth Pedal to showcase the pedal’s classic sonic glory with a much easier-to-navigate control layout. Bassists, guitarists, and synth fanatics: rejoice! It’s a perfect tool for filling up open space within your mix or just beefing up your tracks with some boomingly synthy presence — to any degree you see fit! Thanks to Octave, Output, Subharmonic, and Low Frequency control parameters, the Meatbox is ready to accompany any creative direction you send it in. 

Effortlessly enhance your low end

Unlike its first iteration, the Meatbox now features simplified control labels. It starts at the top with two large knobs, Octave and Output let you determine how much lower octave effect you’d like to inject and your desired volume, respectively. Below, the Low control standardly expands the presence of the pedal’s low frequencies, while the Subharmonic control digs even deeper to the “Middle Earth” of bass tones. The Subharmonic control is a huge part of the pedal’s extended namesake, and has powered the Meatbox’s legacy for decades on the boards of countless bass guitarists.

Much more to explore

It doesn’t have to be all about effects, though. Use the DOD Meatbox as an interactive EQ to fine-tune your bass tone within just about any mix, onstage and in the recording studio. Using a TRS output Y-cable, you can split your output signal into wet and dry signals to unleash even greater sonic potential. And of course, while using the DOD Meatbox in conjunction with other pedals in your rig, there’s no telling where the sonic ceiling stands!

DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Synth Pedal Features:

  • Delivers the same massive wall of low-end insanity as the ’90s original
  • Great for bass guitars, extended-range guitars, and synths
  • Straightforward Octave, Output, Subharmonic, and Low-frequency controls
  • Split your output into wet and dry with a TRS cable
  • TRS Output (Tip = Octave+Sub, Ring = Dry, Sleeve = Ground)
  • Interactive EQ for tone sculpting
  • True bypass keeps your tone pure