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Universal Audio Del-Verb Ambience Companion Reverb and Delay Pedal

One part Golden Reverberator and one part Starlight Echo Station, Universal Audio’s Del-Verb Ambience Companion combines six of the UAFX series’ authentic effect models into a stereo reverb and delay powerhouse. First up, this pedal’s reverb side contains three exacting emulations, with a classic tube-driven spring reverb, an atmospheric plate reverb unit, and a clarity-packed hall reverb from the early days of the digital revolution. They’re all perfectly paired with the delay side’s ‘70s-style tape echo, pedal-inspired analog delay, and the UAFX Precision delay for a well-defined digital snap. Moreover, the delay side offers two setting-specific knobs — Color and Mod — to unlock an endless level of tweaking, and that’s before you get to the UAFX app’s downloadable custom voicings. A wealth of utility features, including analog dry through, spillover/trails functionality, tap tempo, stereo/dual mono operation, and more, complete the long-standing UAFX formula of packing studio-grade sound into a simple stompbox.

Three expertly emulated echoes

The Del-Verb Ambience Companion’s reverb side contains three expertly emulated modes, the same modes found on Universal Audio’s highly renowned Golden Reverberator pedal.

  • Spring 65: This setting comes straight out of an early ’60s tube amp with a veritable wave of surfy splash. Golden Unit captures the de-facto standard guitar reverb tone, and guitarists of all stripes often prefer a spring-style reverb for a do-it-all workhorse ’verb.
  • Plate 140: Replicates the moody sound of the world’s first plate reverb unit. This setting produces a dense, full reverb that adds weight and atmosphere to your every note.
  • Hall 224: Clean, crisp, and clear — this mode is based on the first-ever digital reverb units, with a shimmering hall tone.

A trio of top-class delays

Just like the reverb section, the Del-Verb’s delay algorithms come straight out of another classic Universal Audio pedal: the Starlight Echo Station.

  • Tape EP-III: If you’re after a character-filled delay with plenty of wow and flutter, this mode will surely be your go-to. Tape EP-III is a nearly indistinguishable re-creation of a legendary tape echo unit from the ’70s, famously used by some of rock’s most renowned guitarists.
  • Analog DMM: If you’re not sure what this one is, one strum through the Analog DMM is sure to jog your memory, man. It’s an absolute classic of analog delay tone with massive character in the color-filled degrading repeats.
  • Precision: Vibe-filled analog and tape delays are all well and good, but sometimes the pristine echo of a digital delay is required. When that time comes, flip over to the Precision mode for crystal-clear repeats with the utmost sonic clarity.

Stretch out your sonic boundaries with the Color and Mod controls

The Del-Verb has two character-packed controls to further fine-tune your delays: Color and Mod. Color adjusts a unique element of each Delay’s tone, from the record level of the Tape EP-III to the input gain of the Analog DMM to the delay tone of Precision. In comparison, Mod gives you access to two distinct modulation effects for each of your delays, and it’s completely out of the circuit at the noon position.

  • Tape EP-III Mod: On the left side of the knob, this Mod setting gives you NOS tape, while the right side supplies the warbly sound of a well-used reel.
  • Analog DMM Mod: Vibrato can be found on the left side, and the right side gives you a lush chorus.
  • Precision: Looking for the jet-engine swoosh of a fast-paced flanger? Slide the knob over to the left. Like the Analog DMM Mod, the right side of this Mod setting is also a watery chorus.

UAFX Control app for enhanced adjustability

Compatible with any iOS or Android device, Universal Audio’s UAFX Control app opens up a whole new realm of sonic possibilities. Pair up your Del-Verb with UAFX Control to access tap tempo functions, custom voicings for each of your effects, and a slew of other sound-sculpting features.

Universal Audio Del-Verb Ambience Companion Delay and Reverb Pedal Features:

  • Stereo reverb and delay pedal boasting immaculately emulated replications of some of the most sought-after hardware units in history
  • UAFX dual-engine processing delivers the highest level of sonic authenticity
  • Runs separate stereo instances of the reverb and delay sides for maximum depth and atmosphere
  • 3 spot-on emulations of legendary reverb units, including an amp-style spring reverb, a moody plate reverb, and one of the world’s first digital reverb units
  • 3 vintage-style echoes, from a timeless analog delay pedal to a ’70s-style tape echo replication to Universal Audio’s own Precision Delay
  • Optional UAFX Control app offers tap tempo, custom effect voicing, and many other fine-tuning features
  • Buffered bypass operation keeps your signal strong in long cable runs
  • Analog dry through retains your dry signal’s purity
  • Optional spillover/trails to keep the echo rolling when the pedal is disengaged
  • Can be operated in both stereo and dual mono modes