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Red Panda Context 2 Reverb Effects Pedal

Red Panda’s Context 2 reverb pedal is a veritable effects workstation, boasting eight unique reverbs inspired by the beloved rackmount units of the late '80s and early '90s. From a subtle room reflection to a wide cathedral wash to glitched-out granular reverb, the Context 2 comes loaded with a studio-ready echo for guitarists of any style. Red Panda could have stopped there, but fortunately for us, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Context 2 also sports a powerful delay, tremolo, modulation controls, frequency-shaping tools, and dynamics settings that offer a near-endless level of sonic exploration. Once you’ve dialed in the sound in your head, a built-in preset function is available on the left footswitch to save your setup, with up to 127 more presets available via a remote footswitch and MIDI.

Studio-quality reverbs

No matter what type of 'verb you’re looking for, the Context 2 has you covered! Eight different studio-quality reverbs are available to add some texture, space, and atmosphere to your instrument’s signal:

  • Room: Quick and bright reflections — perfect as an “always-on” effect to give your sound some space.
  • Hall: This one is a great midway point between standard reverb sounds and spacey textures, with an extended initial delay time and a long buildup.
  • Cathedral: The Cathedral setting’s huge, ghostly echo turns your instrument's signal into an ambient wash.
  • Gated: This setting offers a sharp, non-linear decay to your reverb tone. 
  • Reverse: Reverb, but in reverse. Throw in some distortion or fuzz for an instant shoegaze tone!
  • Plate: The Context 2’s plate setting is a beautifully hi-fi reverb sound that offers a full, bright tone.
  • Spring: The spring setting brings the surf drip, with the addition of a tremolo setting via the modulation controls.
  • Grain: A glitchy, fragmented reverb sound that guitarists who love to experiment will be sure to appreciate.

Built-in delay and dynamics controls

By tapping the shift knob, the Context 2’s controls transform from reverb shaping tools to a powerful delay effect! This delay can be used simultaneously with any of the eight reverb settings, from a simple slapback to a cavernous echo. What’s more, while in the shift mode, the HI and LO tone-shaping tools become powerful dynamics controls, offering ducking/off/expander on the top switch and a dynamics threshold on the bottom switch. These different settings allow your reverb to actively react to your playing style by increasing or decreasing different reverb parameters depending on how loud you play.

Powerful preset functions

Once you’ve crafted your perfect reverb sound, a single preset can be saved on to the Context 2’s left footswitch for instant access. If that’s not enough for you, four more presets can be saved via a remote footswitch, and a whopping 127 can be accessed via the Context 2’s MIDI functionality. What’s more, Red Panda’s web-based editor can be used to adjust, save, and store all of your favorite presets!

Red Panda Context 2 Reverb Effects Pedal Features:

  • 8 reverb algorithms inspired by '80s and early-'90s rackmount effects units
  • Shift button transforms your pedal’s functions, giving you access to a powerful delay and dynamics controls
  • Modulation knob allows you to shape reverb-specific internal parameters
  • Momentary function allows you to effortlessly switch between your dry and wet signal
  • 1 preset can be saved on the left footswitch, with 4 additional presets available by using an outboard footswitch
  • MIDI functionality for up to 127 additional presets
  • Red Panda web-based editor allows tweaking and storing of presets via USB
  • Hi and Lo buttons offer frequency damping to perfectly dial in your tone
  • Infinite hold for an endless ambient wash
  • Stereo input/output adds a new dimension to your reverb tone