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Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger Pedal

Serving double duty as a traditional flanger and a vibrant vibrato effect, the Walrus Audio Polychrome effects pedal will add big creative potential to your pedalboard. A 2-way voicing switch offers two distinct flavors of flanging: a traditional, full-frequency effect or a more complex, notched flange effect with less low end. And when you need a vibrato effect instead of flanging, simply turn the feedback down to minimum and turn the D-F-V knob all the way up. Complete with an all-analog signal path, a relay-based soft switch, and an ultra-rugged, die-cast metal construction, the Walrus Audio Polychrome pedal will exceed your sonic expectations.

Walrus Audio pedals: built by sound tweakers for sound tweakers

The artists, musicians, and engineers at Walrus Audio take pleasure in chasing sounds that inspire, such as the perfect breakup of an overdrive, a beautifully thick distortion, an endlessly sustaining reverb, and a self-oscillating delay. Simply put, these guys love to play with sound. They design stompboxes that re-create the sonic textures that they hear in their heads. Built by sound tweakers for sound tweakers, Walrus Audio’s guitar pedals are as versatile as they are functional. We’ve found that Walrus Audio’s pedals are the perfect tools for guitarists who want to sculpt their own unique sounds.

Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger/Vibrato Effects Pedal Features:

  • All-analog flanger/vibrato effects pedal with relay-based true bypass switching
  • 2-way voicing switch offers two distinct flavors of flanging
  • 3 selectable modulation waveforms to further fine-tune the modulation effect
  • D-F-V switch ranges from dry (no effect) to traditional flanging to full pitch vibrato
  • Rugged construction with die-cast metal housing
  • Requires 9V power supply (not included)