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Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine Pedal

Walrus Audio’s M1 Modulation Pedal is an all-in-one modulation machine that delivers all the warbles and wow and flutter you could ever ask for. In the spirit of their highly customizable Mako Series, the M1 is perfect for brave sonic explorers who covet wild chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibe, rotary, and filter tones. Each one of the pedal's six effects has three distinct settings, with limitless creative potential via the wealth of adjustable knobs and switches. Considering the sheer sound-crafting potential the M1 offers, the nine onboard presets (128 via MIDI) represent a favorite feature among guitarists — they’re a lifesaver when playing live or when needing to capture that perfectly dialed-in sound for later. From '70s phase tones to classic rotary speaker sounds, the Walrus Audio M1 is the ideal tool to unlock your creative potential!

Six highly customizable modulation programs

The M1 is a veritable modulation workstation, with six modulation programs that each contain three unique types:

Chorus: Type 1 is a classic lush '80s chorus sound, while Type 2 adds in a second chorus with offset rate and depth. The third type is a tri-chorus effect that runs all three choruses in parallel for wild spacey tones.

Phaser: The first type is a 2-stage phaser with a single notch. Type 2 doubles those parameters for a much more powerful effect; Type 3 is modeled after the classic Uni-vibe sound.

Tremolo: Type 1 is a traditional trem that’s similar to classical optical and bias trem sounds. Type 2 is a harmonic tremolo setting that raises and lowers your high and low frequencies opposite of each other. The third type functions according to several predefined rhythmic patterns for a pulsing tremolo effect.

Vibrato: The first type is similar to Walrus Audio’s Julia and Julianna pedals in the “V” mode — more classic vintage vibrato sounds. Type 2 is inspired by old record player modulation, while Type 3 is based on the wow and flutter found in old tape delay units.

Rotary: This mode captures the classic rotary speaker effect, with Type 1 as a traditionally standard watery spinning sound. Type 2 is just the horn spinning and sound playing of of the drum, while Type 3 reverses this with sound from the horn and a spinning drum.

Filter: Type 1 is a lowpass modulated filter sound that’s perfect for darker tones, while Type 2 functions as a highpass filter. Type 3 is a full bandpass filter that forms a “sliding window” of frequencies.

The X factor

Each one of the M1’s six programs features a special “X” setting via the tune knob that controls a special effect-specific parameter:

Chorus: Adjusts the maximum level of pitch detuning.

Phaser: Adds feedback, producing a more dramatic tone.

Tremolo: Changes the phase of the left and right volume modulation, resulting in an ultra-wide stereo pan sound.

Vibrato: When using Type 1 and 2, this setting adjusts the phase of the vibrato’s pitch modulation when connected with stereo outs. In Type 3, it controls the amount of flutter.

Rotary: Adjusts the drive of the horn.

Filter: Changes the filter’s resonance, resulting in a more in-your-face tone.

Powerful, stage-ready MIDI capability

The Walrus Audio M1 includes nine onboard preset slots. What’s more, up to 128 presets are accessible via MIDI, which makes this modulation stompbox an excellent choice for complex, pro-level live rigs. The onboard presets are readily accessible via the bank switch, and you can cycle between them by pressing Bypass and Tap simultaneously. The pedal’s Tap LED gives you an at-a-glance confirmation of which preset you’ve selected — changing from red to green to blue. And any adjustments you make will change the LED to purple to show that you’ve edited the preset. This extensive preset management makes the M1 a truly gig-worthy effects pedal.

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine Pedal Features:

  • 6 highly customizable modulation effects, each with 3 distinct types
  • Dedicated Lo-Fi Knob that produces different effects based on the Tweak and Tune control settings
  • Tweak knob with a 3-way switch to control Shape, Division, and Type
  • Tune knob with a 3-way switch for creative control over Tone, Symmetry and a Dedicated “X” setting for effect-specific parameters
  • Tap/Skip footswitch to engage a momentary effect that mimics a needle skipping on a record
  • 9 onboard presets, with 128 total accessible via midi functionality