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FX Pedals

DOD Phasor 201

Re-create that classic '80s all-analog phaser sound with the DOD Phasor 201 effect pedal. This reissue stompbox delivers that old-school phaser sound you've been looking for — plus a few updates. DOD gave the Phasor 201 a blue indicator light so you can tell whether the effect is on or off, a lightweight aluminum chassis, and a modern 9V power supply input. Like the original Phasor 201, this reissue sports a single-speed knob that controls the depth and speed to give you everything from a light-swirling vibe to a full-on cyclonic storm. Grab the DOD Phasor 201 and add a healthy dose of vintage phaser to your rig!

An assortment of well-earned updates

DOD outfitted the Phasor 201 with a host of performance-minded updates. An LED indicator now alerts you when the pedal is on, and the new lightweight aluminum chassis was given a total cosmetic makeover for a sharp, refined look. Moreover, the power input has moved to the top edge for easier pedalboard integration.

A 1-knob wonder

Do you really need more than one knob? The Phasor 201 is about as intuitive as a pedal can get, sporting a single knob with a two-stage sweep to unlock a vast assortment of rich, analog phaser swoosh and sway. While its simple control scheme may appear limiting from the outset, the truth is that each and every position on the Phasor 201 offers unique tones to play with — it’s by no means a 1-trick pony, and even it sounds equally great on both clean and dirty signals.

DOD Phasor 201 Effect Pedal Features at a Glance:

  • Reissue of the DOD phaser, packed to the brim with rich, swirling analog phase
  • True-bypass circuitry will keep your tone pure when the effect is off
  • Incredibly intuitive 1-knob design
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Modern 9V DC power supply input moved to the top edge for easier pedalboard integration
  • Blue status light for a quick visual indication if the pedal is engaged