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Walrus Audio Eras 5-state Distortion Pedal

Walrus Audio's brand-new Eras pedal, a 5-state distortion stompbox that delivers some of the smoothest analog distortion tones we've heard. Weave together the perfect combination of silicon and LED hard clipping throughout its five distortion modes to maximize a sound that caters to every need of your guitar and amp. You can also utilize the Eras as a blend module across your pedalboard to discover an endless amount of distorted possibilities. And your tone-shaping process is made much easier through the Eras' 2-band EQ, with alternate knobs for blend and gain control so you can sharpen every edge and deepen any punch to taste. Whether you're a bassist looking to blend your dry signal with some grit, or a guitarist clamoring for more out of your distortion tone, let the Walrus Audio Eras be your guiding light.

Amp up your distortion fivefold

The key feature of the Eras is undoubtedly its 5-position rotary knob, which unlocks five times as many distortion modes as the average pedal. You'll love the grabby, bright, and responsive nature of Mode 1's LED hard clipping and slight mid-cut, perfect for crisply and accurately mimicking amp overdrive. Mode 2 unveils the Eras' silicon clipping, and added compression maintains a dialed-in but heavy sound — you'll want to turn up the bass for this one! Meanwhile, Mode 3 is a dual-clipping element that produces the Eras' fullest sounding distortion — it's great when sharped with gain and a little treble. Your first rhythm setting is exposed in Mode 4, which favors midrange but stays nearly as clear and responsive as Mode 1 — this is a good spot to really engage the blend and let your other controls rest at noon. Finally, Mode 5 arguably gives you the Eras' most impactful sound. You'll find it incredibly full with long sustain, and its piercingly deep tone can be altered to make this rhythm mode commandeer any lead spot.

Rowdy when you need it to be

Like any good distortion pedal, you can alter the Eras' gain controls to feel light when you want it and heavy when you need it. But one of the most attractive features of this Walrus Audio offering's collective sound is how effortless its delivery is across the board. Spanning rowdy to more reeled-in tones, you'll find the Eras can maintain an identifiable sound across its five individual distortion states while staying true to the grungy nature of its predecessors.

Maximize your possibilities

Walrus Audio wants you to have the ability to go all out in constructing your ultimate distortion tone. That's why the Eras features four sound-shaping knobs aside from the volume and mode controls. Use gain to dirty up your signal in any of its five states. The blend feature is useful for bridging the gap between a laid-back response and the aggressive attacks of both LED and silicon clipping; the 2-band EQ helps to refine any foundation you've built. 

Walrus Audio Eras 5-state Distortion Pedal Features:

  • 5-state distortion rotary control
  • True bypass maintains signal integrity
  • Bass and treble EQ for sound shaping
  • Volume, blend, and gain controls for maximum/minimum distortion preferences
  • Silicon and LED hard clipping/rhythm mode for endless customization
  • Great for both bassists and guitarists
  • 4-horn winged bull artwork by Adam Forster