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Pro Co RAT 2 Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive Pedal

There aren't many dirt boxes that can match the RAT for flexibility — its hard-clipping distortion has been a pedalboard staple for four decades and counting. The Pro Co RAT 2 is the modern iteration of this classic pedal. Whether you use it to hot rod your British high-gain head, send your on-the-brink American-style combo into sweet overdrive, or inject your squeaky-clean high-headroom amp with heavy-duty, fuzz-like grunge, the RAT 2 yields the filthy, harmonic-rich saturation that has graced a thousand influential albums. This distortion pedal boasts the same 3-knob layout as its vintage counterparts, along with a rugged on/off footswitch, a stylish "A" status LED, and eye-grabbing glow-in-the-dark graphics. Rock, blues, punk, jazz, and more — there's a reason that the RAT is one of the most coveted distortion pedals out there.

Dial in a wide range of useable tones

The RAT 2 includes the same intuitive top-panel controls as its forerunners: Distortion, Filter, and Volume. You use the Distortion knob to dial in the total amount of saturation. At its minimum setting, this control acts as a fuel-injected dirty boost; at maximum, it delivers harmonic-laden fuzz tones. The Filter knob gives you lots of sonic flexibility. Turn the control counterclockwise for mix-piercing tones with lots of clarity; twist it clockwise to roll off your highs for a warm, cranked amp-like tone. The Volume knob adjusts your total output level. You can run the RAT 2 at unity gain for a bit of added grit or crank it to punish the front end of your amp.

Pro Co RAT 2 Pedal Features:

  • The famous RAT-style hard-clipping distortion
  • Delivers everything from subtle overdrive to metal-ready high gain and fuzz-filled anarchy
  • Distortion knob dials in the total amount of saturation
  • Filter knob conjures up a myriad of sonic textures
  • Volume knob adjusts your total output level
  • Near-bulletproof metal enclosure
  • Rugged on/off footswitch, stylish "A" status LED, and glow-in-the-dark graphics