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Danelectro Roebuck Distortion Pedal

The Danelectro Roebuck is a reimagining of a Japanese-made MOSFET distortion pedal from the 1990s. You can find the originals in the rigs of top Nashville session players, and for good reason — these pedals were one of the most versatile dirt boxes of their era. Want transparent grit? No problem. British-tinged grind? Yep. Screaming tubelike overdrive? You got it. This multifaceted distortion/overdrive stompbox includes a wide-ranging 3-band EQ, along with a 3-way clipping mode switch. Original MOSFET distortion pedals command über-high prices on the used market, and finding one in mint condition is a rarity. And when you take into account the Roebuck’s superior sonic flexibility, there’s no mistaking what a tremendous value it is. If you’ve thought about getting a vintage MOSFET distortion for your pedalboard, consider Danelectro’s Roebuck — it’s everything its predecessor was and more.

Generous controls yield endless sonic textures

Thanks to its generous array of controls, you can coax an endless array of sonic textures out of the Danelectro Roebuck. Lower the Dist and increase the Level for a sustaining boost. Increase the Dist and crank the Mid for sweet, green-sounding overdrive. Dime the Dist, tweak the Bass, Mid, and Treble to taste, and you’re in British lead channel territory. And with three clipping modes to choose from, you can achieve sounds with the Roebuck that the original MOSFET distortion couldn’t come close to.

Danelectro Roebuck Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Reimagining of a Japanese-made MOSFET distortion pedal from the 1990s
  • The original pedal is a staple among Nashville session players
  • Generous control set produces a vast array of textures from sustaining boost to full-on distortion
  • 3-band EQ enables near-unlimited tone shaping
  • 3 clipping modes facilitate greater sonic flexibility than the vintage MOSFET distortion