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Catalinbread Carbide Distortion Pedal

Be wary of entering the world of the Carbide distortion pedal from Catalinbread without proper determination! Not for the faint of heart, this pulverizing distortion pedal serves up that classic “chainsaw sound” that earmarked Swedish death metal during the ’80s and ’90s. The Carbide is packed with maximum crunch and thud in the distortion circuit, and guitarists have even found the Carbide sounds incredible with guitars tuned lower than standard — that’s all thanks to the clean boost that Catalinbread contoured specifically to down-tuned instruments. With heavy boosts to three different frequency bands, plus a ton of volume, the Carbide distortion pedal annihilates heavy riffs or serves up an undeniably grungy tone.

Ready for optimum tone sculpting

Catalinbread decided to forgo the simplistic blend control and instead split the signal into two paths. One goes to a powerful clean boost, and one goes directly into the maws of Carbide’s distortion. Individual volume knobs for each path put the power in your hands to sculpt the amount of dirt. Then, an Emphasis control sweeps in for tightening extreme low frequencies while cutting treble, effectively causing boosted bands to jump right out of the mix. Plug in the Carbide and prepare your guitar for the metallic ride of its life.

Catalinbread Carbide Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Dishes out that cranked knob “chainsaw sound” from the ’80s/’90s
  • Maximum crunch and thud in the distortion circuit
  • Optimized signal path with clean boost for low-tuned guitars
  • Heavy boosts to 3 different frequency bands and tons of volume
  • Signal split into 2 paths (Wet and Dry), and each given a volume knob
  • Emphasis control tightens extreme low frequencies and cuts treble
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