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Ashdown Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom

"What is this, that stands before me?" With that 7-word question, the landscape of heavy music would forever be changed. Of course, these words formed the first line of Black Sabbath's eponymous opening track from their iconic 1970 self-titled debut album. Fast-forward a staggering half century later, and Sabbath's down-tuned warrior Geezer Butler is still brandishing his signature style and searing tone for global audiences. To meet his devilish needs, Ashdown partnered with this inimitable icon for their Pedal of Doom, a pedal guaranteed to serve as the centerpiece of stellar tone for bassists playing doom, drone, heavy metal, and any genre in need of versatile EQ options and some welcome heat. It all starts with a pair of switchable EQs, each sporting an independent 3-band EQ with a shared treble control to tame those harsh frequencies across the board. Kick on the Doom footswitch, and prepare to blanket your tone in delectable distortion with an audible boost in harmonics. Channel the grim, menacing tone of one of doom's founding fathers with the Ashdown Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom!

Dual EQs bring out the doom like never before

The core of the Pedal of Doom's roaring, raging tone rests in its pair of EQs. Ashdown and Geezer understand the importance of having a versatile, high-quality EQ in your signal chain that is capable of highlighting frequencies and adding depth to your overall tone. These switchable EQs offer independent bass, lo-mid, and hi-mid controls, with a shared treble control in the center —

Ashdown Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom Features:

  • Signature dual EQ and overdrive pedal for doom metal icon Geezer Butler
  • Pair of switchable EQs with independent bass, lo-mid, and hi-mid controls; shared treble control in the center
  • EQ 1/2 footswitch easily swaps between settings
  • Doom footswitch punches in gain with controls to tweak saturation to taste
  • Transformer isolated DI output; ground-lift switch
  • Dual VU meters ensure your signal is balanced on the way in and out