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Lampifier 571 Infinite Direct Box (compression/EQ/speaker sim/digital converter)

The Lampifier 571 Infinite Direct Box is the high quality, "Swiss Army Knife" of the audio world. It connects virtually anthing to anything as well as allows incredible tonal and dynamic control, making it into a highly versatile pre-amp. 


1) First of all, it's a direct box with inputs for XLR, TRS, piezo mics, line level and instrument level inputs. It can also sum stereo 1/4" inputs into mono.


2) It features a high quality, series cascaded EQ with 5 bands. Bass and High are shelved EQ, while 2 sweepable midrange bands and a. separate presence control complete the tonal shaping options.


3) The most amazing part of the 571 is its patented Lampifier compressor/dynamic range reducer. Live sound, whether vocal or instrument, nearly always has too much dynamic range for ideal sound reinforcement needs. The Infinite Direct Box solves this problem with its "smart," fully transparent-and warm, analog, dynamic-range reduction system. This works great on vocals, acoustic instruments, bass, as well as both clean and crunch electric guitars. The amount of reduction may be increased or decreased, or bypassed entirely.


4) The 571 also features a speaker simulation module for smooth and lifelike, direct sound. The speaker sim offers 3 options: Direct (no speaker sim), "Stack" (4x12 cabinet) and "Combo" (open back cabinet).


5) The 571 can also function as a load box. This means you can plug a powered speaker output from your amplifier directly into the 571 input, tap that signal, run it through the onboard speaker sim snf out directly to a recording system and/or to a live PA. And you may even simultaneously output from the 571's 1/4" output into your speaker cabinet! This eliminates the need for mic'ing in a live environment, thereby reducing ambient sound. Or forget the speaker and go direct for quiet recording. Note: The load box capacity is limited to 100 watts max input level.


6) For getting signal out of the 571 there is an XLR output that routes +4dbu (professional level), as well as a 1/4" TRS output for line level. These work simultaneously. Also a third output option is the built-in USB digital output to computer (44.1k or 48k). Uses generic audio drivers.


7) The 571 can pass 48v phantom power to a mic connected to its XLR input. However, note that it will only pass phantom power when it itself is powered by a 9v plug adapter. (Not supplied: For this you'll need to pick up a 9v adapter at least 300ma capacity.) If you don't need to pass phantom power, the box may be powered either by a 9v battery or by passing 48v phantom power to it via the XLR output.


NOTE: The Lampifier company is no longer in business. This is leftover stock, which is why it's being clearanced so inexpensively here. This is a great, versatile product at a great price, however, it is sold with NO manufacturer warranty.