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Source Audio Atlas Compressor Pedal

The Source Audio Atlas Compressor condenses the power of large studio rack units and digital DAW control into an incredibly portable stompbox format. Right from the get-go, Source Audio includes a wealth of classic compression sounds — from optical to RMS to VCA — with seriously impressive editing capabilities that allow you to perfectly sculpt your dream compression tone. What’s more, the Source Audio Neuro app gives you even greater control over every imaginable facet of the Atlas, including the ability to create, save, and edit either your own custom presets or Source Audio’s studio-quality examples. Add in the custom bass mode, noise gate, MIDI functionality, and external expression control, and the Source Audio Atlas is a seriously versatile compressor that offers some of music’s most iconic squashed, smashed, and slammed compression sounds in a pedalboard-friendly size.

Wide-ranging compression tones

Atlas is a history lesson of sorts in the art of compression, boasting some of music’s most iconic studio and stompbox circuits. From the lightning speed attack of FET compression to the slow, smooth squeeze of tube-style compression, the Atlas is purpose-built for musicians who require more than the typical 2-knob compressor pedal can deliver. Plus, Atlas sports a unique dual-compressor mode that can be run in series, band split, or parallel, with the addition of an independent set of high and low-frequency controls for some seriously squashed tones.

Customize your tone with the Neuro Editor

Right out of the box, the Atlas pedal delivers authentic recreations of some of the most iconic compression circuits in history — the icing on the cake is Source Audio's Neuro Editor software. Available for your smartphone as well as your desktop computer, Neuro allows you to fine-tune all sorts of parameters to bring your ideal compression sound into reality, in addition to giving you access to even more compressor styles. What’s more, the Neuro Editor also contains powerful preset functions, ensuring you’ll always have access to your signature compression settings.

Source Audio Atlas Compressor Effects Pedal Features:

  • Loaded with 6 styles of compression inspired by the most beloved studio and stompbox compression circuits
  • Studio-level adjustment in a pedal format, with feedback ration, attack, release, makeup gain, mix, and tone available to shape your sound
  • 3-band parametric and 8-band graphic equalizer available to sculpt every facet of your tone
  • Connects to the Source Audio Neuro app via USB for even more compressor sounds, presets, and enhanced editing capabilities
  • Bass mode optimizes your sound for use with a bass guitar
  • Look-ahead compression for a bolstered attack
  • Auto makeup gain automatically adjusts your gain for easy signal leveling
  • Optional buffered bypass or true bypass functionality
  • Adjustable noise gate to keep your signal clean and clear
  • Dual input/output for stereo connectivity
  • 9V DC power supply included